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Raja Yoga
The kingly yoga leading to the sovereign transcendence of all life. Yoga of Patanjali is devoted to control of the mind which is the sovereign in the human system. This is to utilise the sovereign principle-the primal Divine Mind or Kshobh or Pranasya Prana for the controlling of the individual mind that leads one to liberation from prakrutic movements.
Passion; one of the constituents of prakruti; it is to be reduced in the system. Dirt or dust.
Essence. Divine is the rasa or principle of delight in Yoga.
There are three debts every one owes which he should repay. Pitr Rina, indebtedness to the parents which is repaid by giving good progeny which continues the family line. The second Rina is debt to Devas which is repaid by following Rtam and Satyam. The third Rina is Rishi rina or debt to Gurus. This is repaid by preparing persons reach the same level as one has got by the Grace of Guru.
Truth- Divine Order. This is maintained by the balance of the positive and negative forces in Nature. See Abdal.
Full of or bearing the Rtam or Truth.
Form. A-rupa: formless.