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It is a spiritual condition when the feeling that a person himself is at fault although he is not really at fault and accepting every thing as a gift of the Divine.
A new kind of transmission has started with the Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj. It is a combination of Rev. Lalaji Maharaj' s (from his Masters) and Lord Krishna' s (the sanatan) transmission. The purpose is that both these elements will proceed together keeping their currents mixed up and the whole world will be lighted with the Master. This is the principle governing the unification process started by the Master among all human beings.
A spiritual post bestowed under rare circumstances on a person who has control over Sahasra dal kamal. Also known as Parishad.
A spiritual post bestowed under rarest of rare circumstances on a person who has control over the Central region located in the region of Occipital prominance. Also called Maha Parishad. Master Sri Ramchandra ji is the present Maha parishad and is entrusted with the work of over hauling of world.
The Song Celestial sung by Lord Sri Krishna called also the Bhagavad Gita. It consists of 18 Chapters and is the most authentic exposition of the philosophy of life of the Hindu. In the system of Rajayoga of Sri Ramchandra it is held that the conditions described in the Gita were all transmitted by the Lord to Arjuna the warrior and are actually the various stage of spiritual development that an aspirant goes through in his spiritual life.
The individual who has attained fullest jnana or knowledge that is superconscious and ultimate. It is he who has after a series of births come to realise that Vasudeva is all-Vasudeva sarvam iti. He is the Mahatma.
Knot or the particular bracket which is formed by the flow of the Ultimate vibrations or waves twisting and tying up. There are several such knots which have to be loosened to permit the upward flow as well as the downward flow;
The Householder- the second asrama of all individuals; the life of married life and family.
Property-Rope or thread. They are the three constituents of Prakrti- Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.
Master/ teacher/ Preceptor. One who removes darkness. Gu= darkness. Ru= that which removes. This derivation is from Pujya Lalaji Maharaj. In fact it is considered that God alone is the real guru and others only officiate for Him. The teacher has to discharge his function of assisting the aspirant as a brother/sister and should not have any notion of superiority over others. The Guru should serve with an attitude of service and sacrifice and not of any superiority.
Guru Pashu
Those persons who take the Guru' s physical form alone as Master get into great entanglements and are called Guru Pashus.