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Daily Inspiration




Kaivalya  |   Kala  |   Kaala  |   Karma  |   Karmasaya  |   Karma yoga  |   Karana Sarira  |   Karuna  |   Kasbi  |   Kashaf  |   Khalaa  |   Khuloos  |   Khuda  |   Kosa  |   Kriya  |   Kshipta  |   Kshobh  |   Kubra  |   Kundalini  |  

Liberation from all things. Isolated individual existence being free from all bonds and relation.
A part. Niskala: without any parts.
Time. Akaala: Timeless.
Latent impressions of actions.
Karma yoga
The path towards liberation by performing sacred actions in a spirit of detachment from their fruits. Doing them because they have been so ordained by God.
Karana Sarira
Causal body. It is the cause of the grosser bodies-the astral and the sthula. It contains the seeds of all the formations of the sensory and motor organs and the mind. It also is said to be the transmigrator from body to body after the death of each.
Compassion or mercifulness.
Acquired condition at a particular knot by the grace of Master
Superior capacity for revelation. Who so ever receives training from Rev. Master Pujya Ramchandraji Maharaj shall develop superior capacity for revelation in him/her. This basic thing- Kashaf- which had been bestowed by Rev. Lalaji Maharaj shall go to other and they shall impart the same training to other. Thus this (method) will be wide spread.
Vacuity. The state of Nothing ness.
Sincerity. When some one imparts training without any self interest it is called sincerity or khuloos.
That which has come out of itself. Every thing has developed after this. Known also as God.
Sheath-there are said to be five sheaths for each man; the annamaya- the physical earthly body; pranamaya-the breath or air body; manomaya- the mind-body; vijnanamaya-the supermental body; and lastly the anandamaya- the bliss-body. All these have to be crossed in order to know the Atman- the Self within, which wears these sheaths.
Occult practice prescribed by a teacher or school of Agama. Every initiate is given a mantra, kriya, diksa, carya and mudra-pancasamskaras.
Distracted condition of mind.
The primal vibration from the Aksobh or Zero which radiates from it as a stir that gathers momentum and spreads to form all the universes. The whole Universe is Kshobh. One has to get back to this original Kshobh and just plunge under it to attain the final Liberation. Usually this happens only at Pralaya- the dissolution. All souls continue to be individual and separate, or distinct, till that happens, however much they may have progressed.
The region above the Pind desh called Brahmanda or Cosmic region.
The great power of creation, secret, in all individuals which has to be awakened for all cosmic work. Sahaj Marg does not consider that this should be awakened for attaining liberation or moksha, though it is useful for cosmic work However the power of Kundalini does not come to the aspirant in this path automatically. The power over the centres of Kundalini though comes to the aspirant because of progress in the path of Grace or Dayal Marg are utilized by the Master through such of those who are honored with certain posts of Nature' s Order.