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Daily Inspiration




Darsana  |   Dam/Dama  |   Dasa  |   Dasya  |   Daya  |   Dharana  |   Dhi  |   Deeksha  |   Divya Chakshus  |   Drsti  |   Dvandva  |  

A system of philosophy leading to Vision and liberation. The goal of Yoga is to attain divya- darsana and union with God or the Ultimate Sat or Reality. Generally it is taken to mean a mental vision of the physical form of Vishnu or any other God/Goddess with whatever the description of the body of that person along with such arms and embellishments as might have been conceived. In Raja Yoga sadhana the aspirant feels the presence of the Divine Force every where and in all things and that brings him to a state of ecstacy. This is not a state of perfection in sadhana as generally held but is only the first step towards the Divine.
The second of the shat sampatthis. It means control of the sense and motor organs in the pursuit of knowledge/wisdom.
State of Being or experience
Slavery or servitude. The experience of the divine dasya is to be had at the 8th knot or granthi, otherwise called Hanuman-dasa.
Mercy, compassionn or the act of forgiving sins.
Fixity of the mind on one Goal.
The Higher Mind as in the Gayatri Mantra-dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. It is the divine mind contrasted with the Buddhi which may be said to be the Prakritic mind. Dhyana obviously refer to this shift from the Prakritic mind to the divine mind.
Is determination to attain a goal expressed by undertaking a particular observance such as growing the hair or samkalpa.
Divya Chakshus
See Chakshus.
Seeing. Yoga- drsti: vision through yoga or union
Pairs of opposites-dialectical oscillation from one extreme to another. One should go beyond both-nirdvandva.