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Daily Inspiration




Laya  |   Lila  |   Lingasarira  |   LimeLadunni  |   Loka  |  

Mergence or the act of merging into a state of consciousness- layaavastha. Laya consists of 4 steps or stages. The first is sameepyata (nearness to the condition), the second salokyata (moving in the region of the condition), saroopyata (becoming akin to the condition) and sayujyata (merge in the condition)
Play of God. It is the act of God by which he uplifts those who cling to him-liyam laliti lila. It is done so easily without any effort by God who is Omnipotent-Avalila. All creation is said to be done by mere wish (ichata) by God.
The body which is the mark and cause of the next birth or this birth itself. It is the subtle body-sometimes identified with the karana sarira. All karmas begin to cling to this body in their results, and the cleaning up of this body is most important in Yoga. All yogic training consists in the art of cleaning of this body so as to prevent the next birth from occurring. In a sense the prana or the life of this body determines the next, and any successful yoga should destroy this life of the linga-sarira.
Brahma Vidya. The science of inner self.
The world of experience. There are many worlds-seven above and seven below-not merely imaginary or mental, though in a sense they are formations of the Original Kshobh of God or Reality.