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Daily Inspiration

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Hanopaya  |   Harda  |   Ham Ahangi  |   Hatha Yoga  |   Heya  |   Himsa  |   Hlada  |   Hrdaya  |  

Means of escape.
The indwelling Godhead or Antaryami in the heart who has to be realised as a jyoti or inner light, who takes us upward to the highest experiences of the transcendent.
Ham Ahangi
A condition of Union or perfect Harmony with God/Lord.This is had only by the process of Pranahuti by the Master who deserves it.
Hatha Yoga
Yoga of physical exercises that now a days go by the name of Yoga. These are essentially to keep the body in fit condition and spiritual growth even in the most advanced persons is only upto the point of Ajna Chakra. Too tedious to be practiced and wrought with complications in spiritual life because " when we start with the bodily exercises of Hatha Yoga the consciousness of our physical efforts with the idea of self in the background also remains all through. Thus the ego instead of getting reduced goes on increasing thereby."
Fit to be discarded.
Cruelty-one of the things which should be given up in regard to all creatures since all are rays of the one supreme Godhead or Reality.
Joy or joyfulness.