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Daily Inspiration




Ma-kaara  |   Madhumati  |   Mala  |   Maana  |   Manas  |   Maaya / Maya  |   Ma ha Maya  |   Maha Pralaya  |   Mahatma  |   Maqbool  |   Moksha  |   Moodha  |   Mukti  |   Mumu kshu  |  

The five prohibitions in Yoga. Mada (intoxicating food), madya (intoxicating liquor), maamsa (flesh or meat), matsya (fish), and mithuna (copulation). Tantrikas of certain schools use these to conquer the natural appetite for these and show their prowess or virya. Symbolic meanings are given by some to these five terms so as to remove from them their prohibitory (nishiddha) nature. This path is also known as Vamachara-the path of pleasure or left hand path.
Samadhic insight of knowledge.
Honour or measure.
The instrument of sensory and motor knowing and enjoying. The primal Manas is Cosmic or Supracosmic, but in individuals it is personal and directed by the ego. Its nature however is such that it can be resolved in Yoga to the primal nature.
Maaya / Maya
Illusion or illusory power which is knowledge based. It is deluding to the ignorant, but emancipating in the hands of the wise. All siddhis belong to this region of Maaya. It is nothing but the dark side of God.
Ma ha Maya
This is a state Godly energy in the subtle form. This is the place from the Avatars like Lord Rama and Bhagavan Krishna came from.
Maha Pralaya
Ultimate destruction of the Universe. The state ofcomplete withdrawl of the expression of the Creative Process of the Divine.
A great soul. It has been defined by many schools in many ways. Rev.Babuji defines as a 'non-being being'
The Accepted one. Rev. Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj has become the Accepted One on 20-9-1944. He is the Supreme Personality controlling the spiritual destinies of all.
Liberation from all cycles of births and deaths; from ignorance as well, according to others.
Stupefied; bewildered or infatuated state.
Liberation: there are some who hold that the liberated condition can be got even when living-jivanmukta. Others hold that liberation is to be had only after the death of this body-when one does not get rebirth. some hold that one can get liberation at once (sadyomukti). Some others hold that freedom is a gradual process (karma-mukti). According to Sahaj Marg, liberation is complete only when one crosses all the 23 rings which can be done by the grace of the Master even after one gives up this body.
Mumu kshu
Seeker after Liberation. This is the last of the 4 sadhanas. The first three are Viveka, Vairagya, Shat sampatthis.