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Daily Inspiration




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Inconscient and unmoving.
Waking consciousness wherein all the sensory and motor organs are active with mind.
Old age.
It is a recitation of certain words or phrases in a routine manner. If it is practiced without the concern for the meaning of the words or phrases it is likely to form a rigid knot. The famous among these japas is the Gayatri Japa that is used for spiritual benefit. Practice of Japa as such is not prohibited in Raja Yoga but the correct method of doing the same has to be learnt from the Guru.In the system of Sri Ramchandra' s Raja yoga a 3 point and a 4 point japa are advised for those who are not capable of adopting subtler methods.
Intense spiritual intoxication. The beginning of spiritual training wherein the teacher bring the dormant emotional/spiritual condition into action with the help of Pranahuti or otherwise.
Passion or longing. It is of two kinds- lower and higher. In the lower level there is continuous aggravation of the mental tendency more beneficial in the initial stages. The higher form is like ' love is a secret fire in the wood' - it is an inner smouldering in love without any aggravation of the condition of the heart.
Jiva means the individual soul. Jiva and Brahm originally were quite akin to each other and it is only the individuality of the Jiva that effected a difference between the two.
Jivan Moksha
A stage developswhen the individual does not feel himself the doer, knower or enjoyer of any action or results there of. When there is sufficient advancement in this condition the individual ceases to form samskaras or create impressions in himself and such a stage is called Jivan Moksha.
Knowledge. But usually it refers to the spiritual knowledge. It varies according to the level of spiritual attainment of the aspirant.
Inner light shining in the heart of the Yogi.
A state of mind pervaded by the luminous sattva guna resulting in tranquility or peace or Prasada.