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Daily Inspiration




Chaitanya  |   Chakra  |   Chakshus  |   Charya  |   Chandas  |   Chit  |   Chitta  |   Chit lake  |  

Wheel: A centre of psychic energy. It is also known as a knot or granthi. There are said to be many such chakras within the human body of which the most important are said to be seven: Sahasrara, Ajna, Visuddha, Anahata, Manipuraka, Svadhisthana and Muladhara. While Sahasrara is said to be anubhava chakra (a chakra of experience) the other 6 chakras are called sadhana chakras (work on which needs to be done for progress).The Upanishads speak about the Hrdya granthi- the knot of the heart of affection that ties up man to sorrow and affliction.
Organ of vision. Divya chakshus: organ of divine vision granted by the grace of God.
The particular discipline in spiritual life- it means also brahmacharya.
Vedic metres which have occult vibrational properties.
The Superconsciousness or Consciousness which is the nature and attribute of the Soul or God.
Mind. Derived from the word chit, the original consciousness which has undergone modifications. Its seat is said to be the heart. The emotional aesthetic way of knowing or associating with objects is mainly chitta-vikara, or chitta-vritti, which are asked to be controlled or prevented by the Yoga Sutra; Yogah chitta-vritti nirodhah.
Chit lake
Chit lake is a place where everything remains inclined downwards with no tendency to rise upwards unless his own or the Master' s power turns instrumental in this respect. Cleaning of the Chit lake would mean making the downward tendency of our thoughts upwards to the realm of the Divine.