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Pranahuti or transmission of superfine thought is the most unique feature of the system of Rajayoga of Sri Ram Chandra. This is supposed to make the task of the aspirant easier. The Master says that without the help of Pranahuti it will be difficult, if not impossible, to reach higher stages of sadhana.

The word Pranahuti is derived from the words Prana and Ahuti. Ahuti is offering particularly in sacrifice during religious ceremonies. Prana means life or life force. The nature of Prana is expounded in the Vedic and Upanishad literature, particularly the Kaushitaki Upanishad (3-2) where it is stated Sahovaacha Praanosmi (He said I am Life) and Kena Upanishad (2) where it was stated as Praanasya Praanah (The Life of all lives) and Praanosmi Mam upaasva (Adore Me who am Life). Thus we find the nature of the Ultimate is of the nature of Prana. Prana is of the nature of pure thought and that is what makes human beings important in the scheme of Divinity in as much as he shares the nature of original stir in a way that no other being, animal or devas etc., is capable of is now fairly established. That human life has been regarded, as most fortunate is no new concept for any religion but the main reason why it is so, is what is established by Rev. Babuji.

Salient Points of Pranahuti

  • It is pure and simple act of will backed by Divine Will of a person who is committed to the progress of the aspirant for progress in the spiritual path.
  • It is an act of will on the part of the person transmitting Divine thought.
  • It is an act of will supported by the Divine.
  • It does not require words or touch or any other such physical aids.
  • It assists the aspirant to develop the capacity for balanced existence while simultaneously assisting him / her in the spiritual progress.
  • It is no mystic or mysterious force.
  • Viveka or discriminative intelligence is improved by the regular influx of the Divine impulse imparted during Pranahuti the awareness of the Power behind all existence shared in one’s being is fully realised
  • It enables the aspirant develop an attitude of humility in thought, word and deed. It enables the aspirant understand that Master is the knower, doer and enjoyer.
  • The capacity to impart Pranahuti is obtained only when a person is beyond the realms of his limited self, Pinddesh and is established in the higher plane of consciousness called Brahmand.
  • It is possible only where the trainer has no selfish motives or seek any gratification. It is the help from a fellow being - a brother or sister.
  • The Grand Master Rev. Lalaji Maharaj prayed and obtained the grace of the Divine so as to make the influx of Pranahuti possible into to every seeker.
  • Trainers of ISRC work under Dr.Varadachari Order.

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