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MOULDING (Commandment 9)


The ninth Commandment advises us to, "Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others".

Why should we live like this? Our primary duty we have noted earlier is to reach the Homeland. This we do by annihilating our individual creation and live in the domain of the Divinity. Having achieved this it becomes our duty to help our brethren also to reach the goal. By living in a manner that arouses love and piety to the Divine in others we would be discharging our responsibility. Though this appears to be very difficult it is possible. We know we got motivated to move towards the Divinity because of Revered Babuji. That if it was possible for Him to be a Divine in expression it shall be a possibility for all of us also. That is why Revered Babuji has really exhorted all of us to become as we see it in the Prayer he gave us to follow.

He never said that we fall at his feet and that is our Goal. We say "fall at His feet" because of our deficiencies and weakness. We say it because of our incapacity to live up to the level at which He lived. We are conscious of our inability to reach that level. That's why we all say that Revered Babuji is the Master and we all surrender to him to reach the goal. Still that is not how Revered Ramchandra wants us to live. He exhorts us to live in such a way as He lived so that, if He could motivate all of us to think in terms of Divinity, we also as expressions of Divinity shall motivate others to come up to that level. We may be insignificant men, but still we can show the path to others. How to do this? By following all the above Commandments. Living according to the levels expected of us, we will be in a position to influence others.

Moulding our speech, moderation being our approach, balanced existence being our approach, piety being our approach, devotion being our approach, love being our expression, it should be possible for us to make others think in terms of Divinity. Each one of us is succeeding to some extent. None of us have succeeded to the extent that He succeeded, perhaps we will not but still, that is the challenge. That is the opportunity. That is His call. Revered Babuji's call is "Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of Love and Piety in others". It is not something that we may do or may not do. It is not something that we can do or cannot do. He says 'Mould yourself', from this particular individual creation of egoism, arrogance, intolerance, trying to dictate terms to others, trying to say the other man that we are superior to him; that we are a better expression of the Divine than he is. All this is arrogance. He never accepts that. He says live in such a way that we are the most humble persons that we are humble servants of the Divine who is trying to express fully through us and we are allowing only Divinity to express itself, rather than allowing our creation to be expressed. We use our creation only for enhancing the beauty of His creation. If we speak, it is our creation. In this process, what we are trying to do is trying to beautify the Master's message; to express it in a much more meaningful way from our insignificant point of view. Our point of view is insignificant, because our point of view shall be the point of view that will prevail in our life. But in our own way, we are trying to express Divinity. All this while, we are trying to share our wisdom of the Master and are trying to determine ourselves to follow the path given by him for our happiness. This is how I try to make my vocal cords function for Him. This is my creation. Surely these words are my creation. These are not the creation of the Master. He has expressed himself in a different way, but when I do this what I am trying to do is to explain His thought however inconsequential it might be. In the process really I may be marring it also.

One may not take our message, he may not understand our English, he might not understand the way in which we have put it, but he will understand this small thing that there is one Divinity above. We can be cent per cent sure regarding this, and we have to succeed 100% in achieving this goal and thereby alone will we be in a position to propagate His consciousness that is pervading everywhere, that He is prepared to enter into everyone of our being, influence our being and make it "Summum Bonum" of our life. This is moulding of life. Moulding does not mean that we get up at 4 O'clock in the morning, say we are absolutely following the Commandment. Nobody is bothered about it. We get up at 4 O'clock, or at 2 O'clock or 1 O'clock or we don't get up at all. Who cares? Our life finally should be like His. That it should develop a feeling of love and piety in others. No hatred, no jealousy, except love and this is possible when that Divinity, as we discussed which is deep within our heart, hidden in the core of our heart, is allowed to express and all our limbs, all our faculties mental or otherwise are utilized for His purpose. If we use it for our purpose naturally it is our creation in action. If we use it for His purpose then it is His creation in action through us.

This commandment gets implemented, by an awareness of our oneness with Him and we understand that all our faculties are really His gifts to us. We realize that we have nothing that can be said to be ours; all our limbs and sense organs are really His under trust with us. In our meditations we imperience our non entity and the reality of His Being as we move towards the Brahmand.