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HAPPINESS (Commandment 8)


The eighth Commandment directs us to "Be happy to eat in constant divine thoughts whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings".

'Be happy - when we have come to the position of living as per the earlier commandments that enjoined us, to be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others, to know that everything that happens to us is happening because of our actions (Karma), knowing that everyone is our brother or sister, having fixed our Goal as the Ultimate, and are confident of reaching our Homeland with the Master's help that we already got, now we can live happily with what we get. "Be happy to eat in constant divine thought whatever you get". We should understand why He said "Whatever you get". Coming to the Ashram and then (complaining about the taste and quantity of food items, is not a proper attitude) say, "Pooris are not given, Curd rice is not given" is not proper attitude. That is not sadhana. To understand that whatever is given is given in pious thought and the man who gives us is our own brother, is the proper grasp of this system. We have to eat whatever is given as a gift from the Divine.

Eating is for sustenance; we eat so that we may live, why should we live? That is the will of God. God is the Base and happiness is the way of all existence. Our Master brings in the concept of the weaving loom where there is a warp and a woof which interplay in order to bring out a fabric. The fabric of existence is made of the warp of God and the woof of happiness. Master asserts the happy disposition that we should have is next only to the Divine.

It is therefore necessary that we eat not only healthy and balanced food as per the nutritional requirements but it should be coupled with the happy disposition at the time of eating. To live is to live well. Master asserts that it is a hidden dictum of Nature that all should be happy.

Further it is necessary that we go through the results of past actions, which have their own effects. In other words we have to go through bhogam. Really, life has no other meaning. Please note it. Life has no other meaning except in giving us an opportunity to get rid of our samskaras. This is an opportunity given to us. That is the greatness of man's life. Human life is one that is endowed with mind and if we don't use it we are really throwing off a gift. An opportunity is lost. Revered Babuji says "with due regards to honest and pious earnings", Why? This is in order to maintain purity. A Doctor says, the insulin costs Rs.5/-, and I have to charge Rs.15/- for the injections otherwise I cannot live, is this purity? Yes, if it is absolutely a must and you have to charge that, then that is honesty. If it is done honestly, the only way in which you can live, that is due regard. The word 'due' is a very difficult word to understand. With 'due' regard, He never said that it should not be something which can be considered as an avarice or greed or any other such thing.

The profound theory Hindus and Muslims practice, is that "God has created man and also provided means for his sustenance". But we forget this and we start thinking that we have to create an asset, we have to go on accumulating. That again many times means resorting to foul methods. A foul thought immediately pollutes the food that you eat. We know pretty well that whether we earned by pious means or impious means, that thought is there. That thought of impious means automatically covers the food, and we eat polluted food. This pollution is entirely different from the pollution that our environmentalists talk about. They talk about physical pollution, here it is mental pollution. It is much worse. So polluted food is what we should not have. In order to keep it as pure food, we must always think this is what Divinity has blessed me with today. He says our living should be in such a way as to justify as to what we get as food, because our living, our way of life or what we call vocation is primarily meant for earning food, nothing else. Not for expressing our ego. Not for self expression, self esteem, concepts of motivation all those things are well understood, but fundamentally why do we work? We work-one, to express the Divine, two, to continue to express yourself. Otherwise we will not exist. We'll die. We have no right for suicide, nobody has got that right. Nobody has got a right to kill himself, because Divinity has thought it fit to express itself through us and it shall be Divinity alone which fixes the time when we should get back. It is not for us to fix the time. Our birth was not dependent upon our will, nor is our exit going to depend upon our will. In order to see that we continue to live and express ourselves we earn our food, but that shall not be something that is foul. What is foul, what is right, what is not correct all these things were not discussed by Revered Babuji, because our conscience is the best guide. It tells us whether we earned our food honestly or dishonestly. Nobody need tell us when we earn dishonestly that we have earned dishonest food. Our conscience knows and we automatically know that there is something wrong.