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When I was asked to write a foreword for the book on the Commandments of Sri Ramchandraji, with the notes thereon by my husband, I was a bit confused as to why I was being asked by him to do the work. He knows that I am not fluent in English and when there are so many abhyasis who are more qualified to do the work. He said he has the notes on the Commandments of the Master and as to the fitness for writing the foreword he stated that I am the best person to do so as I have observed him for longer period than any other. True, I do not know anything about the system of Rajayoga, leave alone the system of Revered Babuji before my marriage. It was rather peculiar to me that even from the day one of our relationship, I observed him being assiduous about doing sadhana and at the age of 26 it was something I could not understand a person like that totally different from others. He said that the purpose of life is to realize God and we should endeavour to do this in our lives as a joint enterprise. As I am not aware of any philosophy and only know about some routine practices of worship according to Sri Vaishnavism and as I also know that he is highly qualified in the branches of knowledge of Philosophy and Psychology I thought the best is to follow him which I have done assiduously so far and to a large extent I am a satisfied person.


Now coming to his eligilibity to write about the Commandments. I know him to have followed all the Commandments very carefully and I do not think there is any time I had to point his lapses on that. But one thing I told him many times, he has to tell things in a more acceptable fashion to others rather than shout which makes others feel hurt. This I must say he has not been able to a very satisfactory level. He always pleaded he is helpless and that lions only know how to roar or be silent. It this is not done the process of moulding oneself to make others take to virtuous life becomes difficult. There is another point to tell about him, he will easily and readily forgive others and has no grudge or an attitude of revenge even when he has been offended or hurt or otherwise harassed in life. This unfortunately he was a victim of in office work as also in the work relating to the Mission. While he forgave most of the times he never forgot: I must say he has phenomenal memory. I asked him why these samskaras still and why does he want to remember things which are best forgotton. His reply was that in order to tell others about the case histories it is necessary as a part of trainers equipment to remember them. Somehow I do not feel convinced. But for these two minor lapses in my opinion he is the best person to write on Masters Commandments; he being an ardent devotee of Master and committed to his work. If I find in him any obsession it is his obsession to work for the Master and work for the betterment of what he calls always his abhyasi brethren. I know him to be a restless worker even when his physical health is not at its best and many times bad also.


I am too small to write about Revered Babuji. I am one of the few persons who was fortunate to attend to him physically serving in whatever manner I was asked to by my Revered father in law, Dr.Varadachari. I know the Master very intimately and I have been following the system with the inspiration of my husband, K.C.Narayana. Love Him who Loves all; yes to a large extent that is my sadhana. But these Commandments I am also following to the best of my understanding. On the contents of the book of Revered Babuji it would be impertinent to write about it. I know that the Commandments came to the Master in his superfine state of super consciousness and is equal to Veda. As Master said, “True Love cannot be expressed by words. This is the very reality which is inexplicable in anyway”. I do hope that the notes on the commentary will make sadhakas take to following the Commandments more assiduously.