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The Sri Ramchandra Publishers, Hyderabad have been serving the public by publishing books of His Holiness Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur who had shed his mortal coil on 19th April, 1983. We have also been publishing the commentaries, expositions and notes on his works by ardent followers of the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation. As a part of this endeavour we are happy to publish "IMPERIENCE BECKONS" - Notes on Sri Ramchandra's Ten Commandments written by Revered K.C.Narayan who has been the guiding spirit for many sadhakas in this yoga. This publication is a revised edition of the earlier book "Sri Ramchandra's Ten Commandments - Notes thereon".


The Master in this book, in his own words said, "In this book I have endeavoured to put up in words those spiritual secrets which have up till now come down from heart to heart. But since they relate to direct perception which depends upon the study of Nature and can be revealed by means of vibrations, it is not only difficult but almost impossible to express them adequately inwords" .. "In this respect, I may therefore say that it is proper for the readers to try to reach up to the real spirit, ignoring the defects of expression and language, and be profited, and help others to be profited by it". The Commentary on the Ten Commandments that he wrote in 1946 is his first work that is unique and has his system of Raja Yoga in a nut shell in it. In a letter to an Abhyasi he wrote, "The Urdu book, Commentary on Ten Commandments, ... which I have sent, has been written from a very high state of Super Consciousness, where the reality is revealed only through vibrations. And in it you will find originality right from the beginning till the end. THIS IS MY MASTERPIECE. Read it again and again. You will find each work and each sentence commendable and when you begin to understand, I am sure you will be greatly pleased. Show it to others also and let your friends also read it. If you want more copies, they can be sent from here. Forget about the cost. This is yours only. And you alone have written it. To get the benifit from the book is as good as paying its cost to the author. . It is a virtue to make (correct) oneself and to make (guide) others".


The text of the commandments of Sri Ramchandra along with the notes thereon, is published here to server the Master in our own humble way. It is hoped that the practicants of the system and other readers would be benefited by studying this work and follow the Commandments assiduously.


Keeping in tune with the philosophy expressed by the Master that to get the benefit of a book is as good as paying its cost to the author this book has been substantially subsidized so as to make it available at as low a price as possible. This has been made possible with generous contributions by aspirants of Hyderabad Center. Our profound thanks to them.


30th April 2003

Sri Ramchandra Publishers