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"There is a Flow of energy in a form that is subtler than light and / or sound arising from the supra cosmic levels of existence. Some according to their belief and convention call this as the flow from the Base, Brahman, Absolute, Ultimate or God. The Flow is observed in the supra cosmic, cosmic planes and it travels in its purity even in the worlds of space, time, energy and matter. This Flow alone is the cause for holding the Universe together and therefore it has been called Life Force or Prana."


"Earth, the planet we occupy is unfortunately a warring planet. Any period of peace is invariably followed by one of conflict and war. It is the nature of life to have life and death, joy and suffering. Further, as we know life starts with weeping and ends with weeping and the joy or happiness is only a phase in between. If this Earth has to be made heavenly, it is necessary that our consciousness should reside at the Pranic plane, that is, a plane beyond that of matter, mind and soul. The Life Force or Prana has been expressing itself at different levels of consciousness to help maintain balance. The task of balancing was and is being entrusted to entities who have progressed in Life and reached the super fine states of consciousness with full awareness and such entities or souls are working at different planes of existence. There have been and are, Masters in all the four corners of the Universe but all express only the Supreme Life Force or Prana."


"Pranahuti or transmission is the most unique feature of the system of Rajayoga of Sri Ram Chandra. Stated very simply, it is an act of will on the part of a person to improve the spiritual condition of another. "


"Usually a person thinks about himself, his problems etc. All his actions are generally motivated by some selfish considerations. It is only when his consciousness grows beyond his self, the questions and problems of others gains importance in his consciousness. Therefore, when the task of pranahuti is considered, it is essential that the person who offers pranahuti is above the normal level of consciousness and one who is capable of considering doing good to another without any consideration of self interest. The normal individual who lives in the level of Pinda is not capable of this ahuti. It is necessary that he is of higher level, atleast a person who has access to the Brahmanda consciousness. His consciousness expands to cover a vaster sphere which includes others also. He is capable of percolating his consciousness through others for the benefit of others. When such a consciousness develops, ahuti is no more interference with others and is essentially to be considered as betterment of the state of consciousness prevailing. Therefore, the question of interference is not there. As a matter of fact this is the most desirable thing that should happen. If the number of persons who are capable of such ahuti increase the possibility of having a better world of harmonious human beings comes true."


"Through Pranahuti, i.e. offering of thought (through suggestions etc), the trainer completes the spiritual journey of the sadhaka to the required extent in an indirect manner. (What Pujya. Babuji calls Aksi way). It shall be the responsibility of the sadhakas to own up the progress given by the Master, through necessary sadhana. So, Pranahuti does not mean that the yogic sadhana of the Abhyasi is replaced by it but only that the sadhaka is assisted. The assistance that is being rendered by the trainer is of course directly proportional to his approach. Pujya. Babuji states categorically that "This (Pranahuti) can be best introduced by those who have imbibed the real characteristic within their own centres; who know how to draw in power and piety from the higher centres to the lower ones, and can transmit the effect into the abhyasi so that they may adopt the same character".


All the above statements have been expressed by Pujya Sri K.C. Narayana on various occasions while explaining the concept of Pranahuti. Human consciousness which is floundering in darkness, misery and totally preoccupied with materialism has almost lost its connection with divinity from where it has come and which is its homeland. When from such a hopeless state of degradation where the sense organs and mind have taken a perverse trend away from divinity and denying itself of the possibility of happiness, a cry has emanated for freedom and divinity responded in the form of Pujya.Lalaji Maharaj of Fatehgarh whose advent started a new era of spirituality.


Thus started a new dawn of hope and happiness for humanity when the Divine Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, the supreme personality who is guiding the spiritual destiny of all humanity, worked tirelessly to lift the human consciousness to divine consciousness using "pranahuti".


Sri Ramchandra Consciousness means that Life Force which is eternal, pure love that does not distinguish between any entities of the Creation. This is a continuous flow of happiness that knows no limitations and is experienced as the waves of the Ocean of Bliss by those who yield to the Master.


This we know also is what we enjoy or experience as PRANAHUTI.


Pranahuti is a boon to humanity and a revolutionary tool for transformation of human consciousness towards its original divine nature.


Pujya Dr. K. C. Varadachari under whose order the ISRC is working described Satyapad Marg as a new darsana. To quote him further "Sri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur who has propounded the New Darsana or View of Reality is a unique personality in many ways. He seems to have been chosen very early for the unique work of spirituality by the special process known as Pranahuti or Transmission as a way of realization of the Ultimate. This is the most significant instrument of Realization - rather the only means".


If a person has the dedication to realize reality then pranahuti grants the vision to reveal the eternal reality in all its glory and fullness.


Though so many disciples of Pujya Babuji Maharaj benefited innumerably from pranahuti hardly much is known about it. Very little information is available from the works of the Revered Master. What is the nature of pranahuti? How it works? What are the prerequisites of a person who can transmit? What are the attributes which are essential for the pranahuti to work? What are the different levels from which pranahuti can be given?


In what way it contributes to one¡¯s spiritual progress when compared to the traditional worship? How it is indispensable for reaching the goal! These are the several questions about which there was no clarity. This book addresses these issues.


The ISRC under the guidance of Pujya Sri K.C. Narayana has brought out extensive literature to assist seekers to understand Master and His system in its purity and help them move into Master¡¯s consciousness. They are extremely valuable and are from a very high plain of consciousness and have to be read again and again and contemplated upon. By studying these works one remains oriented to Master and helps oneself in the unfoldment of spiritual conditions which become activated by pranahuti.


This presentation is a compilation regarding various clarifications about pranahuti which were given on different occassions. These I hope will be useful in clarifying the doubts concerning pranahuti.


If more and more brethren, for that matter everybody who is introduced to the system takes individual sittings every week from the trainers and participate in Satsangh¡¯s and Bhandaras where pranahuti is available by the grace of Master and start living as per the Ten Commandments of Pujya Master, we will be participating in the divine transformation of the human consciousness, the Mission of The Master.


My humble pranams to the Master¡¯s of the order for enabling me to write this preface.