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Daily Inspiration

SRUTI - PAM's Encyclopedia



ZAAT  |   ZERO  |  


Zaat (Holy Entity) is all pervading in man just as it is in the whole universe, taking the universe in a collective sense. (BWS-127)


The whole of the science of mathematics rests upon the little base, the zero. Now for this limitless universe we have to trace out a zero or base from which all planes of existence have started. Again the centre of a circle, if observed minutely, is in itself another smaller finer circle. As such it must have another still finer centre for it. The same process continues up to infinity. In other words each of the finer or smaller circles serves as centre of a bigger external circle. Reason or imagination fails to trace out an origin or end. (BWS-265)

Now if one person gets absorbed in God and another in His material manifestation, what will each of them attain? The one, the Reality and the other the imitation. Can God be blamed for that? Certainly not. The Divine flow is the same in both the cases, but each of them partakes of it in accordance with his capacity and merit. I feel myself one with all my associates, being attached to the same common master, God, without the slightest idea of being high or low, great or small. As a matter of fact one in the human form, though considered to be big or great in respect of humanity, may be really the smallest. In fact his very smallness may itself constitute his greatness, though in his personal capacity he may be no more than a zero. The zero has its own importance, since when added to a number it raises its value ten times. This is what devotion may finally bring us up to. (SS-200)

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