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Daily Inspiration

SRUTI - PAM's Encyclopedia



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Our mahatmas and sannyasis have burnt tins of ghee in havan without caring for the economic condition of India. They would give offerings in the fire continuously for two or three months throughout the twenty four hours. Whichever mahatma wants to elevate himself begins by burning the wealth of India in the havan. Every year we get such news. I do not know the condition of South India. Probably they do it there also. And those who don't do this entice the public into the mirage of kundalini. In spite of all this none of our mahatmas could yet kindle the fire in the heart of a single person, but have burnt excessively that which could have been useful to their children, and which could have helped the correct formation of heart and brain. By giving ahuti of the very prana, if the Institute could kindle the fire even in one person, it would be better work than a thousand yagnas. (SS-237)


The other thing which the preceptor does, is to start YATRA to the different regions and centres. There are very few persons who do the yatra by their own labour. (SDG- 51)


We all desire for realization, but have no yearning for it. I pray that we all return to our original condition and see the difference between the earthly and heavenly life!  (SDG- 34)

The simple fact of the matter, anyway, remains that whatever is there, be surrendered to Him. `If the Lord be had at the cost of your head, you should know the bargain as quite cheap. (Sheesh diye yadi Hari mile, tho bhi sasta jaan.) The sages of yore have regarded the state of acceptance of and happiness in Lord's will, as surrender. Now I give a prescription: `Yearning' pure and simple to reach Him and Him alone! If the real thing is not there to begin with, just imitate it. If someone continually imitates a mad person, he is bound to go mad. Even so, if man continues to reach the Lord (Ultimate), the real is bound to be his lot, at last. Amen. (SDG-43)


Please see RAJA YOGA.


We know that is not royal robes alone that make a real king. Similarly it is not the form or the dress that makes a real saint or a yogi. External physical features are not sure indications of the heart within. A man of heart can be discovered only by one who is inspired with a feeling of true love. (SS-51)

There is a vast difference between theory and practice. If I be telling you the same subject all day and night, it will not be beneficial to you at all except that your mental taste may develop, and that too momentarily. Come with faith and confidence in the spiritual field and be prepared for the practice, throwing off the self-conceited ideas. I do not want you to dwell in an imagination that if you repeatedly read the scriptures you will become the master of spirituality. By so doing you can become a philosopher or learned man, but you cannot be a yogi without actual practice with love and devotion. It is very difficult to put a practical thing in words, just as you cannot describe the taste of wheat although you have eaten it many a time.

May the day dawn when people will stand to realize the accuracy of what has been said above. (BWS-102,103)