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Daily Inspiration

SRUTI - PAM's Encyclopedia





When God feels that there is one in quest of Him, the Divine grace is set into motion to take him in. If the quest continues with a pining heart, it becomes so very forceful that the Lord himself sets out in quest of him. The intensity of eagerness together with restless impatience creates within him a vacuum for the Divine grace to flow in, establishing a connecting channel between the two. (SS-54)


Those who are a bit advanced ask a few stock questions and the same are repeated before each and every saint to show purely their ability in asking questions. One of the questions they generally ask is: why has God created the world in which there are so many miseries and troubles? At that time if they look to themselves, they would probably find an answer for themselves. This question was put to me also a number of times. Sometimes I answered with divine dynamism and sometimes in other ways. (SDG- 26)

A number of people merely ask questions pertaining to Divinity. But how to attain it, is not generally found in the minds of such people. If we go on talking about the taste of mango it will not help us unless we eat it and know for ourselves its taste. I may say here that Reality is not the field for cowards. Lion-hearted men alone can dare approach Reality and men are made so, by Sahaj Marg. (SDG-26,27)

I hold that mere questions and answers can never reveal the mysterious interior of a man. This can actually be known only through close association (satsangh) and practice (abhyas). (SS-244)


It is better for the dervish to be on the move. You have got nowhere to stay. Your ultimate stage is only there, and before reaching it even anand bids farewell. And what would be the condition there? If it is called ignorance, even that too will part company. There is one word which does throw light upon it, and that is perfect ignorance (Ajnanata). I have called it the changeless condition. This verily is the Real veil. Spirituality has anyway dropped off. This might be called the quintessence of all labour and effort. So, dear brother, this is the very thing which people had never desired, otherwise this could have already been had. And who could wish for it when nobody had any idea of it. Thanks are due to my Guru Maharaj who has brought it to the notice of the people. Now, you may take the term “Perfect Ignorance” in the sense that it is that which exists between ‘yes and no'. This is according to Kabir. (SS-403,404)