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IDENTICALITY (Commandment 4) 


The Fourth Commandment reminds us to, "Be plain and simple to be identical with Nature".

The Master asks us to be identical with Nature and qualifies it as being simple and plain. We have been struggling to conquer Nature and have been meeting with varied degrees of success and at no time of our scientific inquiry have we found Nature to be simple and plain. It always presented us a picture of awe and wonder and a complex entity that required all our wits to control or at least manage it. The exploration into the vast Universe continues with our having no idea of when it started and whence it is bound to.

Master however asserts that perfect calmness existed before creation and it was disturbed by the effect of the Stir or Kshob. This led to formation of forms and each of them carried a reflection of the real power. This he asserts is the case of man also. The dormant powers and elements that man brought with him in the beginning did not manifest. They were similar to the original nature of calm and balanced. However gradually the powers inherited by man from the Origin began to manifest and since the Divine play was tending downwards, human thought took the other direction to express his identity and he has created his own universe. Master gives an example of his days, explaining the development of a person from childhood to his mature years. In the process the individual develops attachment with varied things and many individuals and forgets his first attachment with the Divine. Every one of us have made a mess of our lives with the best of intentions to happy in the company of others. Father, mother, brothers and sisters have all become a source of worry and problem, given our varied degrees of attachment to them. Conflicts and friends and associates are our making due to the principle of undue attachment. Our creation now looms large at us and perhaps heckles at our inefficiency to meet the variegated situations.

Thus we are totally unnatural today. To the question why should we be simple and natural? There are so many economic, sociological and ecological factors that decide that. We can come to the same conclusion of this particular sentence "Be in tune or be plain and simple to be identical with nature" through various routes. We can give absolutely scientific reasons and there is no need for bringing in God here. But Raja Yoga is not based on these concepts. It is based on the concept that it is our primary duty to express Divinity in us rather than show our own creation. It is only for the Divine creation there is a place for expression. One may be the greatest of the Viswamithras. We may say we have landed on moon or Mars or we are going to run around the universe and come back. We can do anything we like. No one is bothered about it. But when we express through our existence that Divinity, which is nothing but love, then I think others recognize us as somebody who represents God.

As Master puts it "Now imagine what he (man) originally was, and what he has finally been led to, by the effect of his thoughts which had entrapped him so tightly. Similar incidents added further to the intricacies of the net giving greater strength to it by the effect of his thought, which fomented them all the more. The grossness went on increasing. Its resultant effect led to the development of further evils like passion, anger, lust etc. In short a complete conglomerate was formed." Further he added "One must go on reducing the activities, shaking off all superfluities that have entered into his being, for the purpose of shattering his individual net-work and assuming the purest state one has finally to acquire."

The diversion of thought to the source from the mess we have created for ourselves is no simple task. He advises us to attach ourselves with one of our fellow beings who has controlled his downward tendency of thoughts and is willing to assist us in become plain and simple in tune with Nature. Once we attain our original state of purity and express the sole values of Nature of sincerity and service we tend to be considered as divine by others. Sun is a Divine entity because it gives (sacrifices) heat to us and through that sacrifice serves us. So do the rivers, mountains and trees. How much we appreciate the values of these natural forces we now know, having ruined the atmosphere so thoroughly as only the greedy human can.

In order that others see Divinity in a person, there is no point in saying that he is a great man or is capable of performing miracles, transforming monkey into man or man into a monkey or trying to materialize things which do not exist here. This is not the way by which we are going to become one with God. People will not see in such a person God, they may see him as a great man, perhaps a great saint. They won't say he is God. Even if one were to create another universe as "Trishanku Swarga", has been created by the great teacher of Lord Rama, Viswamitra, he was not called God nor will any other be called so for performing miracles. He was a saint of a very great order who was capable of creating another world. We did not recognize him as God. Surely not, nor any Hindu accepts him as a God, he is a great Guru. But when we want the Divinity to express itself through us totally and fully and people should see only Divinity in us, it is not miracles that help us but living in tune with nature and simplicity of existence.

For achieving this condition of purity and identicality with Nature, we must go on reducing activities shaking off all superfluities that have entered our being and arrive at a balanced condition of being. This is possible only when we associate ourselves with one of our fellow beings who has shattered his network and has journeyed far into the Infinite Ocean of Bliss. This is possible through practicing PAM where there is assistance from another person who has tread the path and knows all the vicissitudes in the journey to the Infinite. We experience our oneness with Nature and the vast expansion imperienced propels us to comply with this Commandment.