A B O U T - I S R C (Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness)


The Institute was started in august 1991, to propagate the system of RAJAYOGA advocated by Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P India in its purity of content and practice.


  •  To spread the message of the Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj, by way of educating people into the simple and natural and a new way of life through his modified Raja Yoga.
  • To develop the Divine Resource in all the human beings so that Peace and Harmony in life is achieved naturally.
  • To assist evaluating the individuals practicing the new way of life.
  • To enable the individuals practicing the system achieve a reasonable level of efficiency in all their walks of life and lead a holistic life style through counseling and personal monitoring on a one to one basis.


  •   To promote universal harmony.
  •   To promote fraternity.
  •   To enable individual growth in all aspects of life.
  •   To realise the meaning of human existence.


The ISRC is a purely spiritual organization.

  •   It encourages the development of constructive individual development.
  •   It is motivated by unselfish service to humanity.
  •   It enables the individual to find out the narrow path of self effort and individual responsibility for spiritual development.
  •   It appeals to reason and common sense and encourages verification through direct personal experience.
  •   It supports the spiritual prosperity of the individual through cooperation and sharing of resources.
  •   It holds out the vision of continuous progress through self effort and support of the Master.
  •   It encourages free discussion and rational explanations.
  •   It makes the instructions and teachings of the Master available to all worthy persons.
  •   It claims no authority but that of an appeal to reason and logic.
  •   It encourages the examination of many diverse points of view and makes an effort to find a synthesis among them.



  •   Pranahuti or transmission is the most unique feature of the system of Rajayoga of Sri Ramchandra
  •   Connecting to the ultimate from the beginning
  •   Continuous support of Master
  •   Easy and simple to practice
  •   All around Happiness
  •   Development of Holistic approach




    Our System Other Systems
    Does not need long hours of practice Requires long hours of practice
    Has continuous support of Master No support of Master after initiation.
    Everyone including grihastha can practice Only select few can practice
    Sadhana upto God Realisation within one life. It takes more than one life to achieve this goal of God Realisation
    Realisation is to become a real man. Vague words of Realisation using the words of Ultimate, Brahman etc.Most of the time it is a state where we do not bother about anything in life
  •   Willingness to yield to Master
  •   Willingness to participate in the divine endeavor
  •   Willingness to grow and transform
  •   Willingness to spare sometime to God


  •   Greater harmony in all walks of life
  •   All round happiness and peace not only to oneself but all around
  •   A life of contentment and total dedication to the cause of humanity in general


The Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness has a simple and clear cut emblem which represents the philosophy and ideology of the Institute as also that of the method in which it seeks to train those desirous of entering the spiritual life.

At the bottom of the emblem in the ribbon we find that the Institute is in the service of the eternally present Supreme Personality Sri Ramchandraji, Shahjahanpur, U.P. The Institute firmly believes that the Supreme Personality of Sri Ramchandraji is present even after His physical veiling on 19th April 1983. Though it is always God who is the real Guru, Rev. Master is the Personality chosen by Nature to bring out change in the affairs of the human life now.

The arrow mark at the middle of the ribbon is the place we all reside. We go through various forms of rituals : social, environmental, religious and spiritual during our lifetime. The path shown as Satyapad marg indicates this. The Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj is the Sun who is throwing light on the path and the light above in His realm. The path is always Natural whatever we may be doing but a true life is one in which Truth is the guiding principle. The True Path really is the Natural Path because it leads us to the Spiritual life where it is not only the happiness of the individual that is sought but that of the whole humanity. Only in the True Path can one gain meaning for fraternity, sharing, loving and happiness. That is best achieved by knowing and willingly yielding to the Divine Master. This True and Natural Path leads us to the state of balanced living and experienced by the individual as perfect peace.

The Om Tat Sat is the traditional Indian way of telling that Spirituality is That, That and That alone, which cannot be described and That it IS. This is a state of consciousness that is achieved by the individual in his spiritual life and is felt right on top of the head. But beyond lies the scope for evolution of human consciousness and that is suggested by the dark color on top of the emblem.


Head Quarters:

Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness,
64, Road Number 13,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500 034,