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Daily Inspiration

SRUTI - PAM's Encyclopedia






He {Abhyasi} must also cultivate habits which will be conducive to his efforts for shattering the net-work.  For instance, the ears should attend only to noble talks; the eyes should see only that which is pious and good; the heart should be inclined only towards that which is virtuous.  There may be many such other things which will automatically come to his knowledge if he is after it.  Besides this, he must also put in his own sincere efforts to shatter the net. At every stage there are practices and meditations for this purpose, but a strong will and confidence are essential everywhere.  (BWS-152,153)


An oath for truth, meaning "hand on the heart." (BWS-327)


Under this system there is absolutely no room for anything except true worship of God — the one Absolute. It is not at all possible to proceed with it with gods and goddesses besides. If there be any one who finds himself too weak to give it up, I cannot compel him to do so, but in that case I cannot be held responsible for his progress. If they are not prepared to give up what is not needed why should they at all go to others to seek for other means? Their very hankering after other means and methods goes to show that they have no firm faith in what they follow, that at the bottom of the heart they realise some error or deficiency. The only course open to them is to pray earnestly for sometime for His Grace to guide them on to the right path. (SS-43)


During the time of the Ramayana, Hanuman, by his will-force, utilized certain power or gaseous energy found in the sea-water round about Ceylon for burning the fort and city of Ravana. Whether it is still there or not let modern science try to ascertain. This, which he could do by his will-force, westerners require instruments for. (BWS-86)

For further reading please see FORGETFULNESS.


We should try to be happy even in unhappy life. Happiest man is he, who is happy under all circumstances, and that is the part of a saint. (SDG-38)

Usually worldly tangles are a cause of worry, but for the most part to those alone who attach undue importance to them. If a man turns his attention away from miseries and afflictions, their painful effect is considerably reduced. One must therefore make it his habit not to attach himself unduly to them. Then alone shall he be happy and contented under all circumstances. (SS-427,428)


It is a hidden dictum of Nature that every soul must live a happy and restful life. If we do otherwise, we are spoiling His world. We are all family people, but we must be moderate in all our dealings and money is also essential for us everywhere. So it becomes our duty to have it for our maintenance and good living. But love of money for its own sake is a disease and a sort of sordid ambition according to Dunns. Necessities of life should be meagre. “Plain living and high thinking” is an English proverb. Detachment in attachment is really needed. (SDG-126)

For further reading please see HAPPIEST MAN.


Hatha Yoga lays down mostly physical practices to effect cleaning, some of which are too hard and tedious for all and sundry. (BWS-237)

Hatha Yoga has no access beyond ajna chakra. Besides, there is another serious defect in it. When we start with the bodily exercises of Hatha Yoga, the consciousness of our physical efforts with the idea of self in the background also remains all through. Thus the ego instead of reducing goes on increasing thereby. (SS-134,135)

Another difficulty that comes in the way is that the people of this age have begun to fear Yoga because, whenever, there is a talk of Yoga, their mind is diverted towards Hath Yoga, deep breathing and so on which might have harmed so many. (SDG-115)


I do not therefore agree with those self-styled jnanis who induce people to consider father, mother, brother or son as their enemies. On my part I shall never be prone to follow that principle at any cost. Whatever may be their view, in my opinion they are but dragging people into entanglements by preaching to them what might finally be ruinous to their sacred cause. The practice, if taken up, would promote feelings of hatred and repulsion which are equally detrimental to our spiritual purpose. (SS-283,284)

God belongs to no caste, creed or society, hence there must be no difference between man and man on that basis. This is a godly quality and one must try to imbibe it within one's self. If instead we look down with hatred upon the low and small we swerve away from the path of duty or dharma. God resides within everyone, so there is no ground for treating anyone with hatred. This is one of the conditions which an abhyasi comes across during his march along the path. (SS-155)


Give up the mental complex of ill health. Consider yourself to be healthy, then alone will you find yourself healthy. A healthy man if he persists in thinking himself to be ill shall definitely be half ill at least. Do not give way to weakness. Man possesses everything of Nature but he does not take it into account. A man must keep his eye fixed upon the object, and so it must be in respect of health which is quite essential for the success of the pursuit. (SS-53)


People generally think of the heart as made of flesh and blood only. Whenever the idea of heart comes to them they locate its position as that of the heart made of the things said above. This is one of the limitations in viewing the heart region in its broader sense. It is really a vast circle covering everything inner and outer. The things after the first Mind all belong to the region of heart. All the lotuses or chakras are set within its limits. In other words they can well be called a part of this big region. The stages of human approach are lying hidden in it; super-consciousness lies there; sushupti is a part of it. We are all playing like ducks on the water in that region. The stage of inter-communication with the liberated souls of the brighter world starts from this place. Individual mind plays its part in this region. It is the main artery of God. We cannot reach Him unless we proceed through it. Narada is playing the tune in this region. (BWS-47)

God has given brackets in sub-circles of the heart region. They begin to get loose till they lose their identity and come to a standstill. No power of brackets now remains. You untie everything. This untying of a certain thing produces some result, because it is the natural phenomenon that every action must bring out some result. The rays you feel in the different corners of the sub-circle all begin to disappear. The light which you feel by the amalgamation of matter with the real thing, begins to fade till it disappears altogether. There are a few parts in this region having a dazzling light. People in certain sansthas sometimes meditate upon this light as well. They take the light as the real thing — and they go with curiosity in it, fully applying their will. The result is that they expand the matter for the light to come in in a higher degree. Power of light no doubt increases as the capacity for having it improves. But really speaking they are on the verge of maya in solid form. I use the word ‘solid’ for the light. The scientists may object to it, but if they think in true sense of the reality where there is no light or darkness they will find the former far heavier than the latter. This thing happens generally in trikuti and beyond it. The top-most portion of the body is the end of this big circle. Such is the sphere of this big circle.

There are very many things in this vast circle which can only be felt. No words can express them. The various powers of nature reside here. Atri rishi is playing his part here. He has not gone far above in this circle although thousands of years have elapsed. Rishi Agastya has his working in this region only. They get command for the work from the Personality who has crossed this region. Besides these there are very many rishis working in this very region. I open a secret of nature. We worship Vishnu, thinking him as our god. I may disclose his strength today. He only keeps the different particles in order, to keep up the creation. His circle of work is within this region. No god or devata can ever boast of crossing this circle. It is but for a human being who has at his command the power and means to do so, and thus his flight is far above that of the gods. It is really we who give them power by the force at our command. I use the word ‘we’ for the personalities who have crossed this region, i.e. the heart region, and entered the region described as the first or Super-Mind of God. Nay, I am using this word for the personalities who have crossed even this region. Still I am incorrect. I must say that it is for those who have gone far above the first Mind of God.

It is easy to cross the big region of heart by following the advice of one’s master. But remember a capable master can only be he who has crossed all the regions far and above, and has the power of transmission. Firm will is, no doubt, required on the part of the disciple. This thing is not really so difficult as it appears to be. Abhyasis adopt intricate methods for gaining the simple thing. That is the main difficulty in the way. Narada was at the lowest rung of the ladder leading up to this big region. He played his tune, no doubt, with vina in one corner of the heart region. He was only the catcher of the sound or shabda felt in the heart. He was absorbed only in the inferior type of the sound produced in the heart. I do not want to deal further taking up the examples of other big rishis. I am afraid the people may pounce upon me if I disclose their condition or true state, but I may reveal these things to my representative whoever he may be. I have to disclose very many things. Some of them will come to light during my life time, others will follow me, i.e., when I shall cease to exist in material form.

The heart region is extended almost from head to foot. All the creation of Almighty is within this circle. The work, of course, is divided and pushed on by different senses. If we go below the middle point of the heart region we find several functionaries at work, of course on different lines prescribed for each one of them. Powers of Almighty are also found in them which can be utilized as such. It is a big machinery of Nature.

When you clear off the matter and exhaust the power produced by you, I mean your self-created power, you enter the state just as it was in the beginning. In other words when you untie your own knots in this region, calmness prevails and becomes predominant. Everything that you find there (originality is now there) looks calm and simple. Nothing of your own making now remains. Dots and particles disappear. Twinkling light also now begins to fade till it comes to nothing or zero. There is no heaviness now. The state is of course beyond conception for the soul which has not yet come to the standard of reality found in it. Self has always a longing for its own realisation. It is only possible when it becomes one with the Centre. Outward things (the coverings with regard to this region) are no more now.Cosmic powers reside in this big region of heart. Before crossing this region on to the Real Mind you acquire many powers which are utilized in Godly work. I am not going to discuss these powers in this book. (BWS-53,54,55,56,57,58)


There are many systems proclaimed as the best and the most efficacious, and all of them no doubt claim Realisation as their goal. But here we must pause a while to weigh them all with the heart's eye. I use the word ‘heart' because it is the nucleus and creates the vibrant motion whereto it is directed. This is the field for the mind to work, and this is the instrument by which we develop the discriminative faculty. The subtle forces work in this plane for the descent of Divine energy. If somehow our thinking conjoins with it, or we train it so that it may percolate the right thing and direct it towards reality, the problem is solved. But that is impossible unless one tries to have a clear view of what realization is. (SS-352,353)


The fire of the Divine which has been burning since the beginning of time has not yet cooled down.When the time of creation came the latent thought came into action and the subtlest particles got heated up. Thus the preliminary covering set in from the very first day. By the effect of continuous heating, the particles began to come into motion. Its intensity went on increasing, adding veils after veils to it. Grossness began to develop by the effect of the growing intensity of the vibrations. The action of every particle started and went on multiplying till the Reality was completely wrapped up within, like a silkworm in the cocoon. In other words only the white shell of the egg which glitters remained open to view veiling the reality within which was lost to sight. Co-relationship began to spring up. Now one who was more closely attached to it, received more of it for his share. The heat which existed on the first day manifested itself in man, and gradually it went on developing assuming the form of organic growth. Every particle got affected thereby, absorbing its due share of it. A material tinge was thus introduced into it and it remained subject to the influence of that which it was part of. The bigger layer previously formed by the heat maintains its connection more with it. Now the influence caused on the greater thing will naturally be reflected on the smaller thing which will get affected thereby in proportion to its magnitude. (BWS-119,120)

There is an immeasurable difference between Nature’s heat and that caused by the sun. The former which originates from Reality is totally devoid of materiality, whereas the latter which originates from a comparatively material source is heavier. In my view the former may more aptly be called as force or energy. In energy the heat exists in a latent state while in the sun it is apparent. The sun’s heat is mere warmth while the other is the promoter and preserver of life, though the word used in both the cases is the same. It is regrettable that no adequate means of expression of such subtlest matters are available and possible. I have, however, tried my best to explain it through words as far as possible, yet the actual realization of the difference depends upon practical experience (anubhava) alone. (BWS-131,132)


The heat of the sun has been gradually diminishing for some time past and it may be a baffling problem for the scientists to tackle as after some time life on the surface of the earth may become quite impossible owing to insufficient heat in the sun. No solution of it is within their mental approach in spite of all the material powers at their command. I may assure them that it will not at present diminish to that extent. The present decrease in the sun's heat is meant only to expedite nature's process of change and the personality deputed for that work is utilizing it for the purpose. It is an unfailing sign of the imminent upheaval in the entire structure of the world and after it the sun will again resume its full glow. The same sign will appear again at the time of Mahapralaya (complete dissolution) but as it is a far-off thing. (BWS-282,283)


Heaviness of mind or internal denseness caused by gross forms of worship is thus a great impediment to our spiritual advancement and should be avoided. If they maintain it with ever-increasing intensity they remain entangled in the thorny bushes of grossness and deception far removed from the realm of perpetual bliss. (BWS-247) 

You have written that the worldly worries create heaviness in the heart. This proves that the heart is purified to such an extent that even the sweet fragrance of the flower cannot be endured by it. Nevertheless, the worries should be in the flying form so that the heart may not be aware of them. (SS-442)


One of the greatest specialities of Hinduism, as pointed out by Swami Vivekananda, is that it offers means and methods of attainment of nobler ideals of life to people of every taste, mentality and talent. For this purpose, there is in it for some the worship of idols and images, for others that of gods and deities, for still others that of God with form or without form and so on. Further still for those of higher capabilities there are the paths of upasana, bhakti, jnana etc. For the attainment of still higher ideals there is again the path of Yoga classified under different heads including Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. As for the attainment of liberation or complete freedom almost all the great sages of the past and the present agree on the point that Raja Yoga alone is the path that ensures success up to the final point of human approach, and everyone dedicated to complete freedom must sooner or later come up to it. Sahaj Marg runs closely along the lines of Raja Yoga but with certain amendments and modifications to purge out superfluities from that system hitherto known by the name of the Raja Yoga. (SS-182,183)


Tomorrow is the day of Holi Festival. There is a great participation in colours and gulal revelries. The enthusiasm of the participants might have started from today itself. But brother who are these? They are the people whose temperament is inclined towards play. But brother, has it ever happened that some others who don’t participate, are the persons whose inclination is mostly towards it, and the onlookers or bystanders are also charmed by the colourful form it offers. I think that it would certainly be so, but to whom? Those who are admirers of colour. If our inclination does not identify (admire) it, then we must try for it. You will say that those who have eyes to see can very well distinguish between black, yellow, blue colours etc. I would say this, that as long as the eyes bear the power of distinction between black, yellow, blue colours etc. which is the real aspect of the colour, it cannot be called to have discrimination (real knowledge) about colours. So long as there is variety in inclination, one does not give due respect to colour. Now brother, I am unable to comprehend as to whether the Holi comes to get the colours distinguished or is it the manifestation of His craftsmanship? You may decide it yourself. If you ask me, then my brief reply to it would be that one must become colourless while playing with colours. Now, if somehow, I too get affected by the colours of Holi, then my reply to it would be part pheasant, part partride, a mixture of coherence and incoherence like that of a drunkard. What shall that be? The meaning of “whole” which is an English word is “total”. It therefore means that if we have linked ourselves to the whole (ultimate) then certainly the same view should appear before vision. It therefore, follows that, if we got ourselves linked to the ultimate, then the colour of the same ultimate shall pari-passu prevail in us and if per chance we become unaware of that link by maintaining it repeatedly, then please tell me what would be your form or shape thereafter? The same state of mergence, which we are in search of? What a good thing it would be it we learn this lesson from Holi.

Will you please give me a chance to congratulate you on the occasion of Holi? Brother it was merely a fun (joke) of Holi. And what else can I do? Whatever has been my nature, a tint (fragrance) of it is still present. And what is that condition? In rural language, I would say this: “Whether I be standing, sitting, lying down or in any pose whatsoever, I am always at the same point (the base)”.

That means, the base or the destination must never go out of our mind. We must ever keep our base in mind. The destination can only be arrived at by him who has become crazy and mad after it. I do not find any other method better than this. Whoever has made progress in this field, has adopted this very course. Whoever becomes mad after someone, then it is just not possible that the latter’s madness may not make him (the former) restless. Brother, when pain is there, the cure would also come. We have to create pain in our heart. If someone asks me, I would say that all the labour (practices) and Abhyas is aimed at this only. Will that time come when I will also be able to see such burning hearts? Definitely, it must come, when you develop feeling like mine, that is when you become eagerly impatient to acquire all those states which I am restless to impart now. Brother; it may be possible with my love for you that the restless craving for my master may bear fruit and create similar intensity in your heart. There is a famous adage that, ‘when a widow touches the feet of a woman, whose husband is alive, then she wishes that the latter may also become like her’. What else could you get from me except this? You take this thing from me and the rest will be bestowed by the Master (God). (SS-532,533,534,535) 


I regret to say that most of our fellow associates remain too much occupied with their own self, attaching to it the greatest importance. Innumerable lives have gone by but our return to the ‘homeland' could not be effected yet. And even now the craving for that does not seem to have revived in the heart. In fact all this depends upon the sweet will of God. May they have of me even as much as I may be capable of imparting; and beyond that, if their longing still persists, I will most gladly advise them to seek for another, better accomplished one. The greatest joy to me would be to see people going higher than myself. What or where I am, the Master alone is in the full know of. Only so much am I able to understand that I am incapable of determining the limit of my approach, not knowing how much more I have to swim on yet. However, if any of my associates at any later time comes to a full understanding of it, he may have to repent for not availing of it fully at the time. I wonder why their hearts are not moved even though I remind them of it so often. Perhaps it is due to some of my own shortcomings. (SS-40, 41)


Please see EXPERIENCE.


The perfection of human nobility lies in the devotee being always within the sphere of devotion. (BWS-157) 


Human perfection lies in realising the Master as Master in true sense, and oneself as His slave devoted entirely to His service. By doing so one creates in himself a state of Negation which attracts His direct attention and establishes a link with Him.  Now it becomes incumbent upon one to discharge his duties in like manner, keeping the link intact, so that the Master’s greatness be engrossed upon his heart and he may be in His direct view. (BWS-167)




In the perfection of the spirit, Divine attributes are developed. If it has bearing on something else then it is not on the point of full realization. It has the awareness of having no awareness of the past, and a little moulding will enable it to know the abstract. Humanity remains even if one be at the apex of realization. (SS-363)

A saint, even at his highest approach, cannot wash off humanity because in that case life will be extinct. This limitation will always remain, and it will play one part or the other. This is the secret of Nature. (SS-123)

God loves him who has seen Him but remains at a distance from Him. That means one must keep His remembrance alive in his heart, remaining ever within the sphere of devotion, in full cognizance of his own status of humanity. (SS-307)

Mergence is there without doubt. But in such a state a man, having become absorbed in Reality, feels linked with the other side also, i.e., the world. It is Nature's plan for humanity, because humanity cannot survive without it; and it is also essential because we have to exist as human being first, till we close our eyes permanently. It is the secret of Nature. (SS-550)

No doubt, a person in changeless state is disturbed by the worldly environment. This is due to the fact that the bondage of humanity must remain, of course in mild form, to prevent a man from jumping thoroughly into Eternity. There is one thing which often occurs with the man of higher calibre. Whenever a thought comes he begins to think it with full force, with the result that its intensity becomes greater. Really we should apply our thinking only to the extent that is needed for the work. Anxiety creeps in because the burden of family lies on our shoulders. But whenever we feel that the anxiety has gone out of bounds, we should drop it for the time being. (SS-400)

A man can reach the Central Region while having a body. When a man reaches Central region, a bondage is kept so that he may have connection with the lower regions also. If this bondage be not kept, the soul will jump into eternal peace, and life will be gone. It is therefore necessary that one must feel the air of the lower regions at times. This will be the condition of even the highest saint of the world, if he somehow reaches this Central region. (SS-397)

Sita had a parrot. She loved it very much. It died. Her father, Raja Janak loved his daughter Sita greatly. So, because of her he began to be grieved too. That may bring some to the conclusion that a great saint like Raja Janak was unduly attached to the petty parrot. But whatever may be their justification for it, I believe that if one does not feel grieved at the distress of others, he is devoid of the common sense of humanity or, in other words, he is not a man at all. (SS-283)

For further reading please see PARALLELISM.


To stiffen one's neck, is a defect. So long as it is not removed, one is not aware of one's own Base. What I mean by `Base' is that when a person is wholly rid of this defect, there arises a state, which has been attempted to be translated by the use of this word. To live in that state is human culture. When that state grows a bit denser, it enters the region of the attribute of Poverty or Humility. When such a state is achieved, then the subject (of the Lord) becomes a subject in the real sense. To achieve such a state, hundreds of transmissions and prayers are prescribed. (SDG-40,41)

Greatness lies in humility and meekness. (SS-501)

One rises to prominence only when he thinks himself to be humble and low. Humility brings forth what arrogance cannot. One must, therefore, never part with this noble virtue, be he great or small, high-born or low-born, brahmana or sudra. (SS-155)


The hymns and prayers offered generally result in flattery when one is dumb to the real spirit of the essential character. (SDG-137)